CAP 104 - Computers and Society

Course Description

This course is an examination of the social, political, ethical, global and economic implications of living in a computer dominated world. Assessing the impact of technology and developing an understanding of the computer's future role is emphasized. Topics covered include electronic monitoring, computer crime, cyber warfare, social media, information ethics, Internet censorship, computers and the law, privacy, teaching with technology, cloud computing, biometrics, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Required Materials

A text book is not required for CAP 104. The required reading materials are located on this wiki. The materials are enhanced with scholarly articles and videos from the SUNY Cortland Library Databases. The wiki is used in conjunction with the Blackboard e-learning system.

Course Objectives

  • Discuss and cite examples of the way computers have changed the way people work, live and communicate
  • Communicate how computers have changed the American workplace
  • Define computer crime and provide examples
  • Discuss and provide examples of how computer technology can encroach on an individual’s privacy and identify legislation that has been or has been proposed to prevent such encroachment
  • Explain what is meant by computer ethics
  • Discuss and cite examples of how computers have changed the global economy
  • Discuss how computers have affected community life locally and globally
  • Discuss how future technological advances will impact professional and personal lives

Acceptable Use Policy

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